What is a portable planetarium?

  • A dome on which stars, planets and constellations are projected for showing the night sky.
  • Our portable planetarium has 3 meter dome and has room up to 15 adults sitting on chairs or 25 children sitting on benches.
  • This type of planetarium requires a dark room with at least 2.4 meter height to the ceiling.

Planetarium shows

The night sky has got many different types of objects and a planetarium makes it possible to learn about them in a cozy environment before experiencing the real sky.

Planetarium offers an easily understandable way to learn about the constellations, the movement of the sky and how the sky is different seen from different parts of the world.

Knowing about objects of interest helps to prepare you for them once you’ll get to observe them for real later.

On our virtual tour to the universe our audience gets to experience scenery from our solar system from a traveller’s perspective and also see the astronomical objects further away and visualisations of exoplanets as science understands them today. We also provide audience the opportunity to wish for places to visit and learn about them.

For us the main aim is to take into account the level and needs of our audience, to entertain while keeping to the real facts and answering all kinds of questions that arise.

Both science and mythology can be presented in an interesting way, but we try to make clear which is which.